If you’ve received a Speeding ticket, you have the option to contest it.

As a former Police Officer and Police Radar Instructor, Whalen Legal Services will fiercely advocate on your behalf, once retained.

The goal is to have the charge withdrawn or reduced to help protect your demerit points and insurance costs.

The process includes, once retained:

  1. Requesting disclosure from the prosecutor (the case against you)
  2. Reviewing the disclosure package and providing legal advice
  3. Acting as your agent and/or legal counsel at Court proceedings, including Trial
  4. Engaging in early resolution discussions

Penalties for a speeding offence can include:

Set fines for speeding:

Set fines for speeding in a Community Safety Zone:

Demerit Points for a speeding conviction:

As a driver with a full licence, if you have:

Novice Drivers face stiffer penalties for:

Escalating sanctions for Novice Drivers include:

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