Novice Driver Offences

If you are licensed as a G1 or G2 driver, you are subjected to more stringent penalties should you be convicted a traffic offence. Escalating sanctions for novice drivers within a five-year period apply for the following:

  • Any combination of repeat violations of G1/G2/M1/M2 restrictions
  • Convictions for individual HTA offences carrying four or more demerit points
  • Court-ordered licence suspensions for HTA convictions that would have otherwise resulted in four or more demerit points.

Escalating sanctions for hybrid drivers apply if there is any combination of repeat violations of their novice licence (G1/G2/M1/M2) conditions within a five-year period.

The penalties under escalating sanctions for novice and hybrid drivers are:

  • 30-day licence suspension for the first occurrence
  • 90-day licence suspension for the second occurrence
  • Licence cancellation and a requirement to re-apply for a G1/M1 after the third occurrence.

A reinstatement fee is imposed upon novice drivers during their first and second occurrences.

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